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Penta- and hexacoordinate silicon compounds with phosphorus donors

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 521 (1996) 185-190

Hans H. Karsch *, Roland Richter, Eva Witt
Anorganisch-Chemisches lnstitut, Technische Universität: München, Lichtenbergstr. 4, D-85747 Garching, Germany
Received 7 March 1996

The reaction of one or two equivalents of lithium phosphinomethanide {Li[C(PMe2)2(SiMe2Ph)]} ·TMEDA with p-TolSiCI3 or CH2CH2CH2SiCI2 yields novel penta- and hexacoordinate silicon complexes. Both are the first examples of truly hypervalent organosilicon species with phosphorus donors to be characterized by X-ray diffraction studies. The crystal p-TolSiCI2[PMe2)2C(SiMe2Ph)] (1) adopts an intermediate state between a trigonai bipyramid and a tetragonal pyramid. Compound CH2CH2CH2Si[(PMe2)2C(SiMe2Ph)]2 (2) is cis-hexacoordinated in solution and in the solid state, with comparable Si-Pax, and Si-Peq bond lengths.

Silicon; Phosphinomethanides; Pentacoordination; Hexacoordination;
Crystal structure

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